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Oversized cuffs

oversized cuffs

If there is one trend that we don’t talk about much is oversized cuffs on a shirt. Yet, in my opinion, oversized cuffs can really spice up an outfit! With some layering over a blazer sleeves, like on my Instagram’s photo here, your simple outfit will look so much different and complicated and this is my main reason for loving this trend. The other reason is the very 80s vibe it will give to any outfit.
For this look, I choose a leather skirt and a simple blazer. The mix of materials and the heels gives a more feminine, yet casual look.
Would you also go for oversized cuffs?

Shirt: h&m/ Skirt: Lucluc/ Heels: Asos/ Blazer: Theory

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4 Responses

  1. Monika Wlodarczyk
    | Reply

    Love this skirt!

  2. Toyas Tales
    | Reply

    So chic. Love a white button down and the cuffs are fantastic.

  3. Aria Di Bari
    | Reply

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Aria Di Bari
    | Reply

    Thanks 🙂

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