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Lace top

lace top

When I saw this lace top at Zara, I thought it was incredibly cute but I couldn’t picture myself wearing. But I couldn’t get that top out my head (I’m sure, we all had that feeling before) and I finally bought it. It is not an easy top to wear, unless it is under a shirt with a low-cut neckline.
For this outfit, I think it would look great with black and baggy clothes, that’s why I paired it with my favorite wide pants and a sleeveless blazer (It is actually a dress but it looks great as a blazer, as it is incredibly well-fitted). It makes the top more suitable for casual everyday’s outfits. I also wore a pair of mules, they are not really visible on the picture but it’s getting hot in my town!
I hope you like this outfit.

Blazer: h&m/ Lace top: Zara/ Pants: Asos/ Mules: h&m

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2 Responses

  1. Alexandrine
    | Reply

    J'adore ce look, c'est classe, pointue, vraiment beau, et simple à la fois !
    Belle journée

  2. Aria Di Bari
    | Reply

    Merci beaucoup, passe un bon dimanche <3

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