Nok Nok

Today is more of a brand highlight post than an outfit post, I will talk about the british brand “Nok Nok” . The brand contacted me a few weeks ago, they told me about their new concept: “create your denim”. I said yes, I love when brands propose their customers to create their own clothes or handbags.

The concept is simple, you can customize your own pair of jeans, from the colors to the amount of rips. You can also opt for studs, pockets designs and denim finishing (tie dye, hand drilled paint or simply plain denim).
I received my own a few days ago and I opted for a grey pair of jeans with only 2 rips on the knee and the thigh and studs on the side. I’ve to say that I’m really liking these jeans now, the denim being a little bit thin, it creates a slight loose fit on me that I absolutely adore!
Would I recommend you Nok Nok? Yes, If you want nice denim with some Camden Town vibe designs, I would highly recommend it to you! (Hey, I was living near that borough for 3 years, I know what I’m talking about!) If you want to see more of what the concept has to propose, click here.

Tunic: Zara/ Belt: Naked/ Jeans: Nok Nok/ Shoes: Asos



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