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The rope belt

rope belt
I recently discovered about that rope belt trend and I instantly loved it! And you know me, I love all black outfits but they can look easily boring, especially when the materials are similar. Sometimes, a good way to elevate a monochrome outfit is to focus on the details.
For this outfit details, picking that white rope belt (That I didn’t stole from a monk, I swear) and white pointy shoes is my own way on making the outfit more elevated and actually effortless.Also I wanted to say, I’m sorry for this august posting schedule, work-wise it’s always a hectic month for me (And going through two little surgeries to get my wisdom teeth removed didn’t help). Now that this month is over, I’ll go back to a normal posting

schedule!Top: h&m/ Pants: Zara/ Belt: h&m/ Shoes: Asos


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  1. Michelle Joseph
    | Reply

    Very chic look.

    Mich x

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