Tricky summer trends: The denim dress

Tricky summer trends: The denim dress
Tricky summer trends: The denim dress
Tricky summer trends: The denim dress
Tricky summer trends: The denim dress

It’s true that it has always been hard to dress during the summer. Ironically, it is also the season with the weirdest and/ or most unpractical trends. While I’m fine walking around in the tank top + shorts combo the entire summer, I feel I had to step up my game ever since I started my blog. You know me, I like to try new things when it comes to clothing and, as you can see, I tried a mini denim dress today!

Since denim can be thick, that type of dress may not be the right piece for you. It depends how you can handle the summer heat. I’ll have to admit that this year, I haven’t suffer that much from the heat, despite my generalized anxiety disorder. I’m actually surprised how well I’ve been doing this year, since hot weather can make me feel similar symptoms of a panic attack (Yes, not cool…).

To style this denim dress, I obviously wanted the least amount of accessories possible. The summer heat can be really tiring for someone like me, hence why I want to keep my outfits as practical as possible. I paired this dark denim dress with my basket bag. The natural colour of this bag goes with everything so I don’t think it clashes with the dress. Since I picked my basket bag as an accessory, I thought that brown espadrilles would well with the rest of the outfit.

What do you think about that type of dresses?

Dress: MissGuided/ Shoes: Bosabo/ Bag: Stella Forest/ Earrings: Mango

Ps: Sorry for the resting b*tch face, that’s the kind of face I do when I’m hungry.


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