The leopard skirt I’ve been wearing on repeat

The leopard skirt I've been wearing on repeat
The leopard skirt I've been wearing on repeat
The leopard skirt I've been wearing on repeat
The leopard skirt I've been wearing on repeat
The leopard skirt I've been wearing on repeat
If you told me a few years that I would ever wear something leopard printed, I would have called you crazy! Truth to be told, as a teen, I owned a bunch of leopard printed clothes. As I was into the goth/ visual kei style, I owned a rainbow of leopard skinny jeans in my wardrobe. I would rock them with a pair of Dr. Martens and some shredded tee-shirts. This phase made me feel bored about this print.

However, when I stumbled upon this Réalisation Par skirt on Instagram, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. At first, I thought I was influenced by all these cool influencers but I quickly realised that I really wanted to invest in this piece. To be honest, I don’t regret my purchase at all. Ever since I got it, I received a bunch of compliments! And trust me, if you knew more about the little town I currently live in, you would know that being complimented on your clothes is kind of a big deal.

Styling this skirt has been faily easy. Since the background colour is neutral, it looks good with any other colour. However, as my style is rather simple, I kept that neutral vibe. Hence why I picked a knitted tank top from Zara. As I love mixing textures, I thought these two were the perfect match. To brighten the outfit up a bit I picked a pair of tan sandals and a bag in the same tone.

How would you style this skirt? Comment below!

Naomi leopard skirt: Réalisation Par/ Tank top: Zara/ Sandals: Bocage/ Bag: Balzac Paris


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  1. eddie
    13 July 2018 / 16:25

    I love every thing about you . I wish I could see you smile in some of your pictures :-))))

    • Aria Di Bari
      13 July 2018 / 18:04

      I’ve braces and it looks really weird on photos, hence why, I don’t smile 🙂

  2. 13 July 2018 / 18:01

    Realisation Par has really been nailing it with all their apparel recently! I feel so inspired not only fashion wise when I scroll through their online store! This leopard print skirt is so flattering on you and goes perfectly with your style! I have a big fondness for their brown, polka dot wrap dress! Do you know which one I am talking about?

    • Aria Di Bari
      13 July 2018 / 18:03

      You’re so right about them! I do know the one you’re talking about, I’ve been lurking on this one too! 🙂

    • Aria Di Bari
      13 July 2018 / 18:35


  3. 14 July 2018 / 10:31

    Man, I have been trying to snatch up one of these all year! Will keep on trying, they sell out so fast. It looks awesome on you. I love it with that top. Perfect!
    xx Jenelle

  4. Micaela
    14 July 2018 / 16:08

    The skirt should be really pretty, as it is constantly out of stock on the Réalisation website. I love the combination you made with the top, it was perfect. Did you get your usual size? xoxo

    • Aria Di Bari
      14 July 2018 / 16:43

      I’m usually a size XS but I went for a S for this skirt 🙂 The measurement chart helped me a lot in my decision.

      • Micaela
        14 July 2018 / 21:04

        Thank you. xoxo

  5. Judith Koeglmayr
    14 July 2018 / 18:20

    Sooooo süß!

  6. 14 July 2018 / 18:56

    To me leopard print is a classic . I see it throughout
    20th century fashion. All the great fashion Icon’s have
    a fabulous leopard print in their wardrobe’s
    Dress The Part

  7. 16 July 2018 / 02:03

    I am in love with this skirt! I keep seeing it everywhere! Even though leopard print has never been my thing, this skirt makes me want to reconsider!


  8. Phyllis Wilson
    16 July 2018 / 16:45

    A red shirt would be cute!

  9. 21 July 2018 / 04:50

    You look stunning dear! Love your leopard skirt, so flowy and chic. You picked the perfect top to match it with too, really brings out the beauty of the pattern.

    Jessica |

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