It’s official, spring is finally here since yesterday. If there is one thing that I love about a new season, it’s the new collections of accessories that usually come with it. If you’ve been spring cleaning your closet and looking for new things with no success, well I got you… View Post

Would you believe me if I tell you that being a clothes hoarder isn’t always a bad thing? While it can be completely alienating to us, and also people around us, it can be a good way to fall back in love again with some hidden gems. The truth is,… View Post

If there is one surprising trend, it’s the corset belt trend. I’ve quite a heavy past with corsets. I wore a lot of them as a teen, mostly to slim down my waist, 18th century style (I know, waist training is terribly unhealthy, but no one expect a 14 years… View Post