At some point in our lives, we will all feel a bit uninspired. It’s annoying but it’s part of life and might be a very beneficial thing. As a designer myself, I can feel ininspired when it comes to drawing or styling an outfit. I won’t lie, I felt a bit… View Post

If there is one thing I’m really obsessed about, it’s white shirts. It’s simply the best piece any woman can have in her closet. As a result of that obsession, I might own at least 15 different white shirts. From the design to the fabric texture, I basically always look… View Post

If there is one print I don’t wear too often, it’s the floral one. That’s why getting the red floral dress that I’m wearing today is a surprising choice coming from me. As it’s a print that can make anyone look a bit “childish” I will always look for very… View Post