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The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own

The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own
The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own
The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own
The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own
The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own
The timeless leopard print coat everyone should own

If there is one print I’ve always loved, it’s the leopard one. It’s one of the only animal print that I’ve never seen going out of style. A lot of designers will give their own view on such a print every upcoming winter, hence making it timeless. However most people think that it’s not an easy print to pull off but it’s actually quite the contrary!

It’s not only about the styling in itself but also the attitude and the colour palette picked. As I’m quite an introvert, I usually like to pick neutral tones when styling anything leopard printed.

To style this coat, I picked an earthy colour palette, with mostly brown hues. The base of the outfit is pretty simple as it’s a silk shirt and a pair of jeans. I put on one of my favourite pair of shoes from Mango. The rust colour helps to bright the outfit up a bit. As the coat is what makes the statement, there was no need, in my opinion, to focus on accessories. Hence why I picked a timeless black bag to finish the look.

How would you style a leopard print coat?

Leopard print coat: Idano/ Silk blouse: Mango (similar here)/ Jeans: Mango/ Shoes: Mango (similar here)/ Bag: Paul’s Boutique


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22 Responses

    | Reply

    Love the shoes!

    x http://herrendezvous.com/

  2. Claire
    | Reply

    Very beautiful coat! I think these shoes look perfect while matched with this leopard 🙂

  3. Maja Harder
    | Reply

    For me leopard is super timeless as well. And love how you combined it with those shoes 😊

  4. Aya
    | Reply

    A timeless beautiful piece !! I love how you styled it and them shoes 😍😍 I’m obsessed 👌


  5. Magda
    | Reply

    Love this coat! Btw my parcel from Mango Outlet has just arrived, found so many great things there!


  6. Melanie
    | Reply

    Oh yes, you´re right. This coat is awsome, timeless and sooo stunning! I would like to have a coat like that :-*

    Melanie / http://www.goldzeitblog.de

  7. Jo Nguyen
    | Reply

    What a beautiful leopard print coat! I couldn’t agree more! The print is super easy to style and looks super chic any time of the day. Love the whole look!


  8. Jandrew
    | Reply

    Darling this is uncanny , I see your post on a leopard print coat.
    I love it ! I had just published a post on leopard print being an Iconic
    pattern . Visit me and leave a comment. Have a great day. CIAO
    Dress The Part

  9. Nikoleta
    | Reply

    Very beautiful coat! Love it

  10. Kara Aragon
    | Reply

    “Timeless” is the perfect word to describe your leopard coat. I love it! Such a great piece. Great outfit beautiful!

    Kara Aragon

  11. Karen
    | Reply

    This is such a classic look <3


  12. Fortune Dushey
    | Reply

    This outfit is so chic and so are you! I can’t believe it’s all from Mango.

  13. Mary | O Blog da Mary
    | Reply

    OMG I’ve been looking for one of these statement coats for forever! Love the way you styled it!

    Mary | O Blog da Mary

  14. Michelle Joseph
    | Reply

    I love leopard print, especially on heels. This coat looks so classic.

    Mich x

  15. Such a beautiful coat! And I love the way you’ve styled it with jeans and a white shirt!

    Allegra xx

    Allegra Ghiloni Fashion Stylist

  16. Steal4Style
    | Reply

    This print is really timeless. And your coat is just amazing! The cut is so elegant and the print is really nice. This coat is perfect for a casual outfit. And I love your shoes!!

  17. M.a Jacotte
    | Reply

    C’est vraiment une magnifique tenue. J’adore les manteaux en léopard mais je n’ose pas toujours sauter le pas. En te voyant si bien le porter j’ai envie d’essayer. J’espère que ça va ressortir canon comme avec toi😊.

  18. Deborah
    | Reply

    I happen to consider leopard print to be a neutral – all of the colors in leopard prints are neutral colors, hence, they go with everything!
    I adore your coat – it’s very statement-making!

  19. Dhwani
    | Reply

    Love those mango mules:))) I have the same colors boots from Mango and I am still hooked on em:)) Love your leopard coat !! Very simple and chic:)




  20. Maria Cristina Saccuman
    | Reply

    Hello, I just discovered your blog and I love all of it. You made my day. Forgive the very practical question: how does that wonderful coat fit? Would a Zara M be a T2 or T3?

    Thank you, can’t wait for new posts

    • Aria Di Bari
      | Reply

      Hi Maria,

      This coat is a size 0 and it fits like a 34. Unfortunately, I don’t know about Zara sizing but my intuition would say that a M would size like a T2 🙂

      • Maria Cristina Saccuman
        | Reply

        Hi Aria,

        thank you, that was also my intuition, too bad 🙁

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