Effortless outfit

I know I look like I just got out of bed and I actually did. All the Christmas preparations made me feel really lazy lately and I’ve really enjoyed these type of outfits. But like I said in a previous … Read More

I used to hate turtleneck sweaters

I actually used to hate any kind of sweaters. As a result I have only two sweaters in my wardrobe, this one included… I’ve recently decided to invest in some warm clothes and I just bought this sweater from Choies, … Read More

Simple white outfit

The title says it all. It is a very simple outfit and might be my outfit for my Christmas dinner (Maybe not the brightest idea, considering I’m only wearing white clothes…). I’ve been obsessed with white lately and that surprises … Read More

White jeans and python boots

I’ve always had a hard time with white jeans. To me, it was always what over tanned cougars wore in St Tropez (I lived nearby that village for a long time, so I know how it’s like overthere…). I’ve finally … Read More

A kimono lover

The title says it all. I’m a kimono lover. I might have 15 different kimonos in my wardrobe, some are for everyday’s outfit and some are real traditional kimonos that I bought when I was in Japan. I always loved … Read More

When I’m out of inspiration…

When I have no inspiration at all for an outfit, I just go for minimalism. I believe any simple outfit can be stylish by just focusing on little details. The most common thing to do is tucking the front of … Read More