Now that Spring is back for most people, it’s time for all of us to clean our closet but also to dust off some lightweight clothes. If there is one thing I’m happy to wear again, it’s jumpsuits, they are just a life saviour when in lack of sartorial inspiration. Yet,… View Post

If I’m happy of one thing, at the moment, it’s the return of Spring. While the weather isn’t the warmest yet, I can finally leave my winter coats behind and put on my favourite shirts. However, Spring is an unpredictable season, temperature wise, and some warm backup may be needed.… View Post

When it comes to accessories, I’ll have to admit that I’ve a strange obsession over earrings. Earrings are basically the pokémon cards of my adulthood, I need them all. While it’s a lovely touch to any outfit, we usually have the choice between expensive pieces or more affordable, but really… View Post