Robe Alma | Pois rouge
The label:

Having studied fashion design and pattern making for four years, Aria Di Bari moved to London shortly after where she also studied the art of handbag making. Way to free to work for other names than her own, Aria decided to launch her own label in August 2019. Inspired by her Italian and Spanish roots, by her Mediterranean relatives, but also by vintage, Aria Di Bari’s style is retro, timeless and sunny.

But also the style of girls with a strong personality who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Girls who talk way too much with their hands. Girls who like mixing strong prints together. Girls who are carefree and spontaneous. Girls who like to wander barefoot in a small French village. Girls who wear summer straw bags all year long, even during winter. Girls who like the charm of retro print and feminine cuts. Girls like Aria, Girls like you.

Our philosophy:

Aware that offshoring is an issue not only for the economy but also for the environment, all of our designs are exclusively made to order in France with Oeko Tex certified fabrics. Our clothing are made with natural and organic fabrics only, such as cotton, linen or silk. No items are pre-made, reducing as much as possible the waste of fabrics and other resources. As we partnered with the best of French fabric manufacturers, our clothing are meant to last as we do not believe in disposable fashion.  Each order will be sent within 1 to 2 weeks.